Gender Predictor of Baby: Common Myths or Technology?

Published: 24th October 2011
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We will first look at the various body traits and how they are viewed during pregnancy as being indicative of whether or not the child to be born is a boy or girl.?? The shape of the belly is widely believed to be a consistent hint of the child's gender.?? A low and/or protruding belly is said to carry a boy, and the opposite is true for the belly carrying a baby girl.?? Acne is another physical gender predictor, as girls tend to cause acne in their mothers and boys refrain from causing acne forming oil.?? Baby girls are also the recipient of blame for more severe back pain than that inflicted by boys.

With such physically tolling characteristics, girls do offer something to counteract the pain they inflict.?? Girls are less likely to cause morning sickness than boys; and there has been said to exist a specific 'glow' in the pregnant mother of a girl.?? A boy seems to cause a more dull coloration and expression of the face.

The next class of gender prediction tools is the gender prediction calculator.?? Calculators vary slightly depending on their creator, but all of them are similar in their use.?? Every gender prediction calculator uses very limited information including time of birth or conception and mother's age.?? The most popular calculator of this type is the Chinese prediction chart, which has experienced the most significant amount of success.

Although there are many who believe that age and time have nothing to do with the gender that is created, there are numerous couples who would disagree.?? The Chinese prediction chart is not only widely used to predict the gender of an unborn child.?? More commonly, it is used as a means to actually choose the gender of your child before your pregnancy occurs.?? There are other methods that are similarly used for the planning of a desired gender.?? Some of these methods include the Shettles method and Ashley Spencer's method.

As there are sure to be more than any prediction method listed here, the last we will be sure to note is the most reliable of all.?? The only way to receive a positive gender identification of a baby in the womb is by having an ultrasound.?? Any other baby gender predictor can only promise that the chance of the indicated gender is very high.

You are pregnant and apprehensive of the gender of the baby coming. Of course you can easily ascertain the sex of the baby by ultrasonic scanning or sonogram with your doctor. At this stage there is nothing you can do about influencing the sex rather than knowing whether the baby is a boy or girl.

The following myths are what they are; myths and they are just to add fun to the process of child making. They are also referred to as the old wives tales.

1. Heart Rate. The commonest of the myths says if the heart rate of the pregnant woman is more than 140 per minute the chances are for a baby girl. Fewer than 140 per minute will likely be a boy. This myth has gained some respect in recent past as it has been backed with some scientific evidence such as the findings of the University of Kentucky.

2. The Way you carry the pregnancy. The myth says if you carry low you will likely have a bay boy and a baby girl if you carry high. You carry high if your belly tilts towards the chest and carry low if it is heavier near the stomach.

3. Weight Gain. This is really funny as it has nothing to do with the mother. It says if your man puts on extra kilogram during pregnancy, you are likely to have a baby girl. If he doesn't, then you are likely to have a baby boy.

4. Fetus activeness. This myth says if the baby is active you will likely have a baby boy.

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